What is Google Re-marketing?

Google Re-marketing is a relatively new form of online advertising developed specifically to increase the number of conversions any website or company is likely to get from every potential buyer visiting their site. When considering the fact that as much as 98% of people visiting any given website at any time will leave the site without purchasing anything, ie: without making a conversion, even the idea of being able to focus in on this issue with a new form of marketing should bring happiness and excitement to the hearts of all online advertisers everywhere. Google Re-marketing is the most recent forms of PPC Advertising to focus on conversion increase.

How does Google Re-marketing actually work?

In the simplest of terms, the Google Re-marketing strategy takes note of each and every visitor who lands on your website and who leaves without making a conversion. This kind of data activity is normal and used all the time by search engines and programs across the web, but it is what the Google Re-marketing strategy does with this information that makes the program so innovative.

Google Re-marketing software remembers the visitor who didn’t convert, then follows them to the next website they land on and proceeds to serve them with another advert from your company, thus reminding them of where they have just been and hopefully giving them more reason to return to your website and convert.

Google Re-marketing truly works as a form of advertising because it plays on the natural tendencies of the ordinary consumer, i.e that they are more likely to buy something if they see it over and over again. By tracking a potential converter until they eventually click back onto your website, the number of successful conversions you achieve is likely to rise.

The Benefits of Google Re-marketing

As evident from the above explanation, Google Re-marketing is one of the most effective ways of increasing the number of conversions on your site. However, above and beyond this benefit, Google Re-marketing has so much more working in its favor.

The amount of money spent by advertisers through online advertising is an issue that must be taken into consideration. If a potential converter clicks onto your site, but does not convert, that is a lot of wasted advertising money. Therefore, working with the Google Re-marketing strategy is one way of saving money, or at least putting your advertising budget to better use.

In addition, the program is full of options. Google Re-marketing allows the advertiser to choose the style of adverts used to follow the potential converter after they have left the original site; the choice of using image based ads as opposed to less effective text heavy ads for example. Advertisers can also choose where they want their adverts to appear on the following webpages, giving the advertiser lots of freedom and choice to experiment until they find a formula that works for them.

Finally, the benefits of using the re-marketing tool through Google is that Google is the largest and most utilized search engine on the web, therefore Google Re-marketing enables you to reach the maximum amount of potential converters as well as then being able to follow them online until they are encouraged to make that all important purchase.