After using our tips for enhancing your Company Page, you can begin building high value relationships by attracting LinkedIn members as followers. And with LinkedIn’s tools, you can attract the followers that are most prized by your company. Company Page followers engage with your updates and share content with their own networks, earning you recurring viral reach – in fact, we’ve found that 64% of followers would follow companies indefinitely.

These tips will help you attract the followers you value most:

Step 1: Engage your employees. Your own workforce is the best place to start adding followers – after all, they’re your biggest advocates. Encourage them to create and complete LinkedIn profiles – once they include your company name, they automatically become followers of your Company Page. Ask them to include a link to the Company Page in their email signatures.

Step 2: Promote the page outside the company. Link to the Company Page in all of your marketing communications like your emails, newsletters and blogs. Invite customers, partners, and other key audiences to become followers.

Step 3: Add a “Follow” button to your website. Convert visitors who come to your site by making it easy for them to simply click on a button to follow your Company Page. Get the “Follow” button here.

Step 4: Take part in LinkedIn Groups. Groups are hugely popular, with more than one million established on LinkedIn. They’re an effective way to highlight your Company Page and attract more followers. You can launch your own discussions, or you can contribute to popular discussions that other members have created. Also, if you manage LinkedIn Groups that focus on your company or industry, or participate in other groups, you can feature these groups on your Company Page.

Step 5: Launch a Follow Ad campaign. Follower Ads appear throughout LinkedIn and can be targeted to members in specific industries, companies, and regions to help you attract the right followers for your company. These ads encourage potential followers to click on the “Follow” button and join your page. When members follow your company, that action spreads through their network as an update, which motivates others to follow too.