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How to Fix Common Mobile Content and Usability Issues

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Mobile recently became the dominant device for search queries, finally toppling desktop usage. We knew this day would come; the prevalence of these electronics only continues to grow. So it’s time to up your mobile content game.

A recent Pew Research Study revealed that not only has the number of smartphone owners nearly doubled since 2011, up to 64% from 35%, but 46% of smartphone owners say this gadget is something “they couldn’t live without”.

Jerry Dischler, Google’s vice president of product management, commented on this movement, saying, “Billions of times per day, consumers turn to Google for I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy moments. And at these times, consumers are increasingly picking up their smartphones for answers. In fact, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan.”

The facts are plain and simple, mobile is taking over and Google has already been taking steps to accommodate this. To help ensure that your business is also focused on mobile content and usability, here are solutions for some of today’s most common mobile content and ranking issues.

Viewport Configuration, or Responsive Design

For those that are unaware, viewport controls the way web pages are displayed on mobile devices. Without a configured viewport, pages will appear on mobile devices as the typical desktop screen width, only scaled to fit the screen. This leads to an extremely poor user experience since the visitor will need to scroll side to side to view the content on the site. Not to mention that Google will likely penalize you. By establishing a viewport, a site owner has complete control over the page width and scaling across various devices.

For this to be resolved a site must be equipped with a “meta viewport tag”. This tag informs various browsers of how to alter the page dimension and scaling to accommodate the device viewing the site. By utilizing Google’s Responsive Web Design Basics countless issues to support layout changes such as setting the viewport, size content to viewport, CSS media queries for responsiveness, and more can be resolved.

Fixed-Width Viewport

Thanks to Google’s Mobile Usability reports, you are able to monitor any of your site’s pages that are set to a fixed width for viewport. Fixed width creates the same negative user experience described above, and if this issue is occurring, you are likely being penalized and should fix the problem as soon as possible.

To alleviate this concern, a responsive design for all web pages is highly recommended. The viewport must be set to sync up with the device’s width and scale accordingly. To do this correctly, you will want to reference the experts. Check out how to Set the Viewport in Google’s Web Fundamentals.

Content Has Not Been Sized to the Viewport

This again brings us back to the issue of horizontal scrolling. This is predominantly caused by two issues. The first is when absolute values in CSS declaration are implemented. The second is caused by images that are set to specific browser widths. Either way, this will ultimately cause a “content not sized to viewport” error.

In order for this problem to be remedied, all site pages must utilize the relative width and position values for CSS elements. Additionally, an image must have the ability to scale under Google’s instruction and guidance. Check out Size Content to the Viewport on Google’s site for more information.

Font Size

On the other side of the horizontal scrolling issue is the “pinch to zoom” problem. This becomes problematic when the font size for the page is too small and illegible. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Simply set your font sizes to scale properly within the viewport as well. You can learn more about this in Google’s Use Legible Font Size guide.


As it currently stands, the majority of mobile browsers do not accommodate Flash-based content. Sites that employ any content that relies on Flash, whether it be for animations, videos, or navigation, are essentially damaging the site’s potential since users on mobile can’t view the content.

In the unfortunate event that you receive a Flash error message, Google provides the necessary information to resolve the issue. It’s likely caused by CSS vs. JavaScript animation conflict, animation timing, or custom easing. A review of Google’s Look and Feel guide will help reveal the source and solution to whatever Flash issue is ailing your site.

Small screens have taken over. It is absolutely essential for your site and its content to be effective on mobile devices across the board. Google has laid out all of the necessary information and tools to set you up for success. Make mobile your priority and your users will respond in kind.


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301 Redirecting your old Website, Creating URL Redirects, How do I setup a URL redirection, url redirection steps

Steps to Redirect URLs to different Web sites

Redirecting URLs

When you use Apache, you can redirect URLs by using the Redirect directive to point a folder or a location to a different folder on either the same Web site or a different Web site. You can also alias a folder to another location by using the Alias directive. 

To redirect a folder:

  1. Log on to the Web server computer as an administrator.
  2. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then double click Internet Services Manager.
  4. Right-click the Web site or the folder, and then click Open.
  5. Right-click the folder display, point to New, and then click Folder.
  6. Return to Internet Services Manager.
  7. Right-click the folder that you just created, and then click Properties.
  8. Click the Directory tab, and then click A redirection to a URL.
  9. To redirect the folder to another URL, click the URL of the folder or the Web site that is described in step 4, and then type the complete URL to the new site in the Redirect to box.
  10. To redirect the folder to another folder within in this folder (for example, Projects to Sections/Departments/Projects), click A directory below this one, and then type the new folder in the Redirect to box.
  11. To mark the redirection type as a permanent redirection (and not a temporary redirection), click A permanent redirection for this resource

    If you use this setting, bookmarks and other details are automatically updated on some browsers.
  12. Click OK to save the changes.

Rewriting URLs

If you use Apache, you can use the regular expression system to rewrite or redirect URLs to different folders, files, or directories. See the following table to determine the elements of a URL that you can substitute during a rewriting procedure.

Variable Description Example
$S Passes the last matched
element from a URL.
If /scripts is redirected to /newscripts and
the original request is for /scripts/program.exe,
/program.exe is the suffix. The server
automatically performs this suffix substitution.
You use the $S variable
only in combination with other variables.
$P Passes the parameters
in the original URL.
For example, if the original URL is
the string “number=1”
is mapped into the destination URL.
$Q Used like $P, but includes
a leading question mark.
For example, if the original URL is
the string “?number=1”
is mapped into the destination URL.
$V Passes the requested URL,
without the server name.
For example, if the original URL is
the string “/scripts/myscript.asp”
is mapped into the destination URL.
Passes the portion
of the requested URL that
matches the indicated wildcard character.
! Do not redirect. Use this variable to prevent redirecting a
subfolder or an individual file in a
virtual directory that has been redirected.

Supports the following wildcard characters:

  • Asterisk (*): The wildcard character for any character
  • Question mark (?): The wildcard character for a single character.

You use the redirection functionality described earlier in this article to activate the rewriting. Make sure that theRedirect to box contains the source and the destination URL, separated by a semicolon (;).

For example, to redirect all the files that end with .html to the Default.html file:

  1. Right-click the folder that you want to use as the base for rewriting, and then click Properties.
  2. Click the Directory tab.
  3. Click A redirection to a URL.
  4. Click the exact URL of the folder that is described in step 1.
  5. Type *.html;default.html in the Redirect to box.
  6. Click OK to accept the changes.

To redirect the query for a script to a different script, for example, to redirect myscript.asp?number=1 to newscript.asp?number=1:

  1. Right-click on the original script, and then click Properties.
  2. Click the File tab.
  3. Click A redirection to a URL.
  4. Click the exact URL of the script that is described in step 1.
  5. Type newscript.asp$Q in the Redirect to box.
  6. Click OK to accept the changes.

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instant submission sites list

Instant URL Submission In 25000 Search Engines For Free

Instant URL Submission in 25000 Search Engines for Free, URL submission is one of the most important factor of search engine optimization. SEO experts suggest to add URLs in search engines as it brings organic traffic to any website or blog. As it is known to all that traffic/visitor is the fuel of any website or blog.  With out traffic, no website or blog can continue its journey as how much well designed and informative the website is! That is not a factor. We have done lots of experiments on adding URLs in major search engines and creating backlinks from authority websites. Today, I am going to disclose hidden secret methods of getting 25000 backlinks and URLs submission from authority websites and search engines.
Instant URL Submission in 25000 Search Engines for Free

Instant URL Submission in 25000 Search Engines for Free
Normally, bloggers, webmasters and entrepreneurs are in a hurry to get start promoting own website or blog but they have very little time to create backlinks. So, here are a few methods can fulfill their dsires of getting instant backlinks from authority websites and search engines.

Automated 12000 Backlink creation:-

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Instant URL Submission in 25000 Search Engines for Free

1. Manually created Backlinks:-

Hand-made Links are really useful and legit which are loved by major search engines. This method is heavily time consuming process. Entrepreneurs and Website owners normally pains in this process. If you are you are one of them who feels pain to create manual links from authority websites, then you can offer your link building strategy to any well reputed firm or individual.

Honestly, I have a team of well trained individuals those can manage your manual link building strategy with high quality backlinks towards your website or blog. [Hire our team at socialhawkars]

2. Commenting Interaction link building:-

Commenting interaction is another form of manual backlinking method which is highly organic process. Normally, it is needed to search some authority website with similar or same niche website or blog those allows to post comments on their articles. In this method, commenting process must be unique and informative other wise posted comment will never approve or deleted for spamming. It consume lots of time as it needs to read full article or webpage before commenting on the article. If you have little time to do commenting on other websites, then my well trained team will do it as your desire number of comments on desire niche websites and blogs.

3. Social Media Profiles links and sharing links:

Social media websites are playing leading role in society around the globe. There are millions of social media networking websites in World Wide Web. It is quite impossible to know all the social media websites by common users, so it needs to find out them and create profiles on them and become a little more active on them. Active ness means that it needs to share your desire links and announcement on those social media websites. This method is also a time consuming, if you have very little time to complete this strategy then our fully professional team will do it for you but charge a few bucks for their manual service.

4. Auto URL submission and link creation:

It is not a surprised move for me by listing huge number of software services available online for free to add URLs in search engines because my 10+ years online presence has been played lots of hide & seek game with search engines and their algorithms. Here is a top search engine submission links of 25000 search engines which may be included your site automatically. Honestly, reliable and trust worthy search engines always seek email verification for each submission.

A. Huge list of automated free search engine submission for websites:

i. Instant 350 Search Engine Submissions – Link
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x. Instant 40 Search Engine and Web Directory Submission – Link
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xii. Instant 20 Search Engine Submissions (at bottom of page) – Link
xiii. Instant 12 Search Engine Submissions – Link

B. Customized Individual free search engine URLs submission:-

i. Burf – Submission Page
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v. Entireweb – Submission Page
vi. FyberSearch – Submission Page
vii. MixCat – Submission Page
viii. OneSeek – Submission Page
ix. WhatUseek – Submission Page
x. Scrub The Web – Submission Page
xi. Search Site – Submission Page
xii. Infotiger – Submission Page
xiii. SonicRun – Submission Page
xiv. Abacho – Submission Page
xv. – Submission Page
xvi. Amfibi – Submission Page
xvii. Homerweb – Submission Page
xviii. JGDO – Submission Page
xix. Myahint – Submission Page
xx. Walhello – Submission Page

C. Manually verified URL submission:-

1. Big Finder – Submission Page
2. Search Hippo (requires free registration) – Submission Page
3. Web Squash – Submission Page
4. W8 Search – Submission Page
5. Tower Search (requires registration) – Submission Page
6. Baidu (in Chinese, but pretty easy to figure out) – Submission Page
7. Google – Submission Page
8. Yahoo – (reguires free registration) – Submission Page
9. Search-O-Rama – Submission Page
10. Igwanna – Submission Page
11. Cipinet – Submission Page
12. Navisso – Submission Page
13. AxxaSearch – Submission Page
14. Dino Search (for kids sites only) – Submission Page
15. Boitho – Submission Page
16. Gheto Search – Submission Page
17. Intel Seek – Submission Page
18. Search Ramp – Site Submission
19. Ultimate Web Search – Site Submission
20. Find Once – Submission Page
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22. Susy Search – Submission Page
23. iASK – Submission Page
24. – Submission Page
25. Famhoo (family friendly search) – Submission Page
26. ExactSeek (requires registration) – Submission Page
27. AcrossCan (Canadian sites only) – Submission Page
28. Megaglobe – Submission Page
29. AnooX – Submission Page
30. Alexa – Submission Page
31. Aesop – Submission Page
32. Shoula! Search – Submission Page
33. NetSearch – Submission Page
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35. Biveroo – (in German) Submission Page
36. Official Search – Submission Page
37. Iconnic – Submission Page
38. Coolfishy – Submission Page
39. CorrectSearch (requires registration) – Submission Page
40. Enter UK (UK sites only) – Submission Page
41. seeknet – Submission Page
42. hakia (requires registration) – Submission Page
43. gogo – (Russian site) – Submission Page
44. 43N39E – Submission Page
45. Antya (click on Submit URL) – Submission Page
46. VROOSH! (requires reciprocal link) – Submission Page
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49. Search Engine XXX (not adult – requires registration) – Submission Page
50. shazee (requires registration) – Submission Page

D. Automated manual submission:-

1. amidalla – Submit Page
2. (requires registration) – Submit Page
3. Stopdog – Submission Page
4. – Submission Page
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9. Jungle Spider (German Sites Only) – Submission Page
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16. eTracking (have to click on ‘Add URL’) – Submission Page
17. Zoohoo (Slovakia)- Submission Page
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20. Yandex (Russian) – Submission Page
21.Yoozila – Submission Page

E. Single Submission carries to all engines: –

Most probably these are from same network, so a single url submission shares data with all of them.
1.Web Portal Guide – Submission Page
2. Search Blast – Submission Page
3. The Seek Portal – Submission Page
4. Find That Website – Submission Page
5. Search It Guide – Submission Page
6. Find Similar Pages – Submission Page
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15. Ifernatix Solutions – Submission Page
16. The Original Search Engine – Submission Page
17. amele – Submission Page
18. AZ to ZA – Submission Page
18. Dr. Search – Submission Page
19. Help You Search – Submission Page
20. My Search Pilot – Submission Page
21. Therbo Search – Submission Page
22. Search Engine Tool – Submission Page
23. Your Reply – Submission Page
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26. All Best Search – Submission Page
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28. I Need Search – Submission Page
29. Local Search Engine – Submission Page
30. Ask the Search Guru – Submission Page
31. Searching Portal – Submission Page
32. Home Business Data Center – Submission Page
33. Go Find Here – Submission Page
34. Webmaster Tools – Submission Page
35. Sitefind – Submission Page
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37. BruneiFM – Submission Page
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39. My Coco Land – Submission Page
40. All Can Seek – Submission Page
41. All U Search – Submission Page
42. All We Seek – Submission Page
43. And Search – Submission Page
44. AskSearch – Submission page
45. Beat Bop – Submission Page
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47. Best Net Search – Submission Page
48. Big Splash – Submission Page
49. Computer Seek – Submission Page
50. DigiCrawl – Submission Page

F. Auto URL submission but hand-pick inclusion:-

1. Dot Search – Submission Page
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5. Find Path – Submission Page
6. Find Your Search – Submission Page
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32. World Seek – Submission Page
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35. Maddog’s Profiles – Submission Page
36. WaWiz – Submission Page
37. More Web Search – Submission Page
38. Find Portal – Submission Page
39. exopple – Submission Page
40. – Submission Page
41. DeepIndex (in French, but indexes English pages also) – Submission Page
42. SpongeLink (currently only US and UK sites) – Submission Page
43. ubExact – Submission Page
44. TROPICA (in German, but appears to accept English sites) – Submission Page
45. (Swiss, but offers multiple languages) – Submission Page
46. XOLA (Vietnamese, but appears to accept English sites) – Submission Page
47. Thorseek (UK only sites – URL must end in suffix ‘.uk’) – Submission Page
48. WEBoFANT (Swiss only sites – URL must end in suffix ‘.il’ or ‘.ch’) – Submission Page
49. Oriango – Submission Page
50. Find Once – Submission Page
51. Harmony Search (text mostly in Japanese) – Submission Page
52. WASALive! – Submission Page
53. Anopt (in Russian) – Submission Page
54. Rambler (in Russian) – Submission Page
55. META (Ukranian – requires registration) – Submission Page
56. Seznam (Czech) – Submission Page
57. (German) – Submission Page
58. fastbot (German) – Submission Page
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60. KOBALA (Dutch) – Submission Page
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67. Searchers (UK) – Submission Page

G. Non English Search Engine submission 

1. onkosh (in Arabic) – Submission Page
2. Redzee – Submission Page
3. Majestic-12 – Submission Page
4. SearchWiz – Submission Page
5. Sagoon (requires registration) – Submission Page
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9. YAAL.DE (German) – Submission Page
10. All Xplore – Submission Page
11. Mardox – Submission Page
12. AnazitisiS – Submission Page
13. Yasmos – Submission Page
14. – Submission Page
15. HopHunt – Submission Page
16. STSEEK – Submission Page
18. (French sites only) – Submission Page
19. Thagodz – Submission Page
20. ilse (Israeli) – Submission Page
21. (Canary Islands) – Submission Page
22. hengine – Submission Page
23. Watta Search – Submission Page
24. – Submission Page
25. Jabse (Bulgarian) – Submission Page
26. Liggs – Submission Page
27. IWannaSearch – Submission Page
28. Wirtualna Polska (Polish) – Submission Page
29. Szukacz (Polish Sites Only) – Submission Page
30. Portelo (Israel) – Submission Page
31. Active Search Results – Submission Page
32. (Turkish) – Submission Page
33. – Submission Page
34. Coyote Search – Submission Page
35. Spider Monkey – Submission Page
36. Logical Cities – Submission Page
38. ExploreWWW (requires registration) – Submission Page
39. Bing – Submission Page
40. Geona – Submission Page
41. LookClick – Submission Page
42. Secret Search Engine Labs – Submission Page
43. Gooru – Submission Page
44. Semager – Submission Page
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46. Duck Duck Go – Submission Page
47. Search Sight – Submission Page
48. Ulysseek – Submission Page
49. Active Search Results(ASR) – Submission Page
50. Feedeep – Submission Page
51. UNAMOO – Submission Page
52. cruiser (Serbian) – Submission Page
53. – Submission Page
54. Secret Search Engine Labs – Submission Page
55. SoSo (China) – Submission Page
56. Information – Submission Page
57. Slider – Submission Page
58. U2Search – Submission Page
59. Uzoekt (Dutch) – Submission Page
60. Gocome – Submission Page
61. Ultimate Web Search – Submission Page
62. Secret Search Engine Labs – Submission Page

Final words from author:

There is no guarantee for quality backlinks for automated system but manually created backlinks and url submission works better than any other. I have already mentioned that our well trained team will look after your url submission and backlink strategy if you have a little time to spare with these process. Our team will look after all your submissions up to 3 months when ever it needs, it will be re created once again. However, it is better to do all the things by yourself but except experts only you have very little knowledge or little time to do.

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Facebook, Facebook Logo Change

Have you noticed that the Facebook has changed its logo!

Facebook changed its logo yesterday after a long time since it first change was done in 2005. The social network site refreshed its logo so quietly that you even probably did not get chance to notice it.

Facebook logo new

The company has refreshed the logo for full brand name for identifying its brand but the actual Facebook ‘F’ logo will be the same. The most noticeable difference you will find in the letter “a” which is much cleaner, crisper, and a little less dated.

Facebook logo old

Josh Higgins, Facebook’s Creative Director told Brand New that the company “set out to modernize the logo to make it feel more friendly and approachable” and settled on an update instead of a full redesign.

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