SEO Tips for Ecommerce Website Optimization

A typical Ecommerce website contains a few hundred pages. They all are dynamic and contains thousands of products for sell. Optimizing an ecommerce website like Amazon is not tough; it just requires a strong SEO strategy.
Optimizing an Ecommerce site is slightly different from optimizing a static website. You need to plan and construct your website optimization strategy well in advance. This will help save you a lot of time and effort in the future.
SEO Tips for Ecommerce website optimization to Keep Your Website Ahead in search engine Rankings and Traffic.
Uniform and clean website structure will work. The home page should clearly reflect the product range and the inner pages should follow common design architecture.
Every product page should have their relevant and unique title. An Ecommerce site can contain any number of web pages and your programmer would help you in getting dynamic title for each product.
Select an Appropriate Keyword for every webpage. For an Ecommerce site, you can ask the programmer to select keywords from the content and product name.
Create a Relevant Description Per Web Page: The description of a web page is the snippet which appears in the SERPS. Every visitor reads the snippet and then clicks on the search result. It is very important to include a description relevant to the webpage content.
Include Breadcrumbs for All Inner Pages: A breadcrumb is like a secondary navigation structure. It helps the visitor to navigate back to the main product category page. A breadcrumb also helps in the internal linking of the website. Overall, including a breadcrumb makes the website SEO friendly.
Use a Heading Tag: Searchbots assign a lot of importance to the heading tag. The heading tag is SEO friendly and can be used to format the title of the web page content.
Avoid Usage of Flash: Avoid using flash on every web page of your Ecommerce website. This will expand the site loading time. If the use of flash is inevitable, include textual content in the flash. Search engines are capable of reading the text in the flash file.
Optimize Images: Add the Alt tag to all the images of your website. Search engines cannot read images. The Alt tag is a means of ensuring that the search engines read the alternate text for images.
Optimize Anchor Text: Anchor text appears between the anchor opening and closing tag. It is good practice to use keywords as the anchor text.
10. Create an SEO Friendly URL Structure: The default URL structure of a dynamic website contains parameters. Search engines are not capable of understanding these parameters. A good URL structure must contain words separated by hyphens.
Limit the Number of Outbound Links: Always link to a safe and secure website. If you are not sure about the quality of the website you are linking out to, use the no follow attribute.
Submit to Search Directories: Forward your website URL to good quality search directories. Most of the search directories take a few weeks to link back to a site. Fill in the details of the submission form carefully, so that the administrator accepts the submission.
Integrate a Secure Payment Gateway: A secure payment gateway is the heart of an E commerce website. Get a trust seal from Verisign, TrustE, etc. Visitors will be more likely to trust your site and to make an online payment.
It is very easy to rank well and get quality traffic with these tips. The trick is to maintain the balance of the site being SEO and user friendly.

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Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

21 ways to get more fans for your Facebook fan page

#1: Embed Widgets on Your Website

Select from a number of the new Facebook Social Plugins and place them on your website and blog. The Fan Box widget is now the Like Box and it works well to display your current fan page stream and a selection of fans – see screenshot below with Whole Foods Market Facebook Like Box. I would recommend adding a title above the box encouraging visitors to your site/blog to click the “Like” button (which makes them a Facebook fan).
You might also consider the Live Stream widget for more advanced uses, particularly on an FBML custom tab of your fan page itself. The Live Stream widget allows Facebook users to add their comments to a live event, for example, and that activity pushes out into their stream.

#2: Invite Your Email and Ezine Subscribers

Assuming you have an opt-in email list, definitely send out an invitation to your subscribers via email (several times, over time) letting them know about your fan page and encouraging them to join. Ideally, provide them with a description of the page and an incentive to join.
Be sure to have the Facebook logo/badge appear in your HTML newsletters. Instead of the usual “Join our Fan Page,” say something creative like “Write on our Facebook wall,” or “Join our Facebook community,” or “Come add your photo to our Facebook group” (where “group” is actually your fan page). Users have to be a fan in order to interact with your fan page in this way.

#3: Add to Your Email Signature Block

Instead of promoting your Facebook personal profile (if you do), include a link to your fan page in every email you send out. If you use web-based email, check out the Wisestamp signature addon.

#4: Make a Compelling Welcome Video

Create an attractive landing tab (canvas page) with a video that explains exactly a) what your fan page is about, b) who it’s for and c) why they should become members.  The result: you’ll increase your conversion rate from visitors to fans. One ofmy favorite fan page welcome videos is by Steve Spangler, the Science Guy! After watching his video, you can’t help but want to join!
(By the way, with the new Facebook changes, if your custom welcome tab and video talk about clicking the “Become A Fan” button, you may want to change the wording to “click the Like button” now).

#5: Use Facebook Apps

I recently tested a new live video-streaming app called Vpype. The app adds a tab to your fan page called “Shows” and when you broadcast as your fan page, everyone can view by default. (You can also broadcast as your personal profile and selectively invite friends/friend lists). I wrote up a review of this app here. By announcing via Twitter, your personal Facebook profile, your blog and your email list,you can broadcast regular live Internet TV shows from your fan page and create much buzz.
Another example of app integration is Target’s “Bullseye Gives” campaign. Target had their fans vote on which of ten charities they most wanted to see the company donate to. By voting, a post goes out onto your Facebook wall and into the News Feeds of all your friends, thus providing Target with valuable exposure. (For custom apps, see companies like Buddy Media, FanAppz, Wildfire Apps, Involver,Virtue, Context Optional.) [UPDATE: Thank you to Context Optional, the creators ofTarget’s “Bullseye Gives” campaign!]

#6: Integrate the Facebook Comment Feature

My favorite example of this is the t-shirt company Threadless. On their landing tab (canvas page), you can view and purchase t-shirts as well as Like and comment on any item and choose to have that comment posted to your Facebook profile, as shown in this screenshot:
Threadless actually has their landing tab set up so visitors don’t have to become a fan to purchase/comment/interact. Yet they have organically built well over 100,000 fans.
As users comment on items, that activity is pushed out into their stream (profile wall and their friends’ News Feeds), which creates valuable viral visibility for your fan page.

#7: Get Fans to Tag Photos

If you host live events, be sure to take plenty of photos (or even hire a professional photographer), load the photos to your fan page and encourage fans to tag themselves. This, again, pushes out into their wall and friends’ News Feeds, providing valuable (free!) exposure. And, a picture says a thousand words – we notice the thumbnails in our feed more than text. 

#8: Load Videos and Embed on Your Site

Facebook’s Video feature is extremely powerful. You can load video content to your Facebook fan page, then take the source code and embed on your blog/website. There is a “Become a Fan” button right in the video itself. For an excellent tutorial, see Nick O’Neil’s post: How To Get Thousands of Facebook Fans With a Single Video.
[UPDATE: Since Facebook changed the Become a Fan button to the Like button,embedded Facebook videos now display a white watermark hotlink of the Facebook name in the upper left corner of the video player – see first screenshot below. This is a clickable link that goes to the original video page on your fan page. If the visitor to your site clicks through to Facebook from your video, and they are logged into Facebook at the time, they will see a Like button at the top left corner of the video player – see second screenshot below.]

(Screenshot shows example of an embedded Facebook video on an external site)
(Screenshot shows the same video on the original page of the fan page with the Like button)

#9: Place Facebook Ads

Even with a nominal weekly/monthly budget, you should be able to boost your fan count using Facebook’s own social ad feature. It’s the most targeted traffic your money can buy. To buy an ad, scroll to the foot of any page inside Facebook and click the link at the very bottom that says “Advertising.” From there, you can walk through the wizard and get an excellent sense of how many Facebook users are in your exacttarget market.
Then, when you advertise your fan page, Facebook users can become a fan (click the Like button) right from the ad as shown in the screenshot below. Additionally, Facebook displays several of your friends who have already liked you, thus creating social proof.
My book with Chris Treadaway, Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day (Sybex) contains comprehensive instructions on maximizing your marketing through Facebook social ads.

#10: Run a Contest

This is somewhat of a gray area because Facebook changed theirPromotional Guidelines last year. Essentially, you need prior written permission from Facebook and need to be spending a significant amount on ads per month. However, you CAN require Facebook users to become a fan of your fan page in order to enter a contest, sweepstakes, drawing or competition. See these two postsfor further explanation. PLUS, good news: you CAN run contests and sweepstakes with the use of the apps created by Wildfire App.

#11: Link to Twitter

Link your Twitter account to your Facebook fan page and automatically post your Facebook content to Twitter. You can edit what gets posted, choosing from Status Updates, Photos, Links, Notes and Events.
You have 420 characters on the Facebook publisher and 140 on Twitter. In the tweet that goes out, Facebook truncates your post past a certain character count and inserts a link back to your fan page. To track click-through stats on that link, just paste the link that Facebook created for you in your browser’s address bar and add a “+” sign to the end. This works for any link!
I also recommend you promote your Facebook fan page on your Twitter background and possibly in your Twitter bio/URL field too.

#12: Get Fans to Join Via SMS

Your fans can join your fan page via text message! You’ll need to get your first 25 fans and secure your username. Then, to join your fan page, Facebook users just send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “fan yourusername” OR like yourusername (without the quotes).
This feature is ideal when you’re addressing a live audience, say. Have everyone pull out their mobile phones and join your fan page on the spot! This would also work well for radio or TV. (Note that this only works for Facebook users with a verified mobile device in his or her account.)

#13: Use Print Media

Look at every piece of print media you use in your business. Your Facebook fan page (as well as Twitter and any other social sites you’re active on), should be clearly displayed. Put your Facebook fan page link (and the logo) on your business cards, letterhead, brochure, print newsletter, magazine ads, products, etc.

#14: Display at Your Store/Business

If your business is run from physical premises, put a placard on the front deskletting your customers know you’re on Facebook. Ideally, you have a simple, memorable username. Incentivize customers to join right away via their mobile device and show you/your staff the confirmation for some kind of instant reward!
You might give out physical coupons promoting your fan page. For restaurants, put the Facebook logo, your username and a call to action on your menus.
I was at a hotel in San Francisco last fall and they had a placard in the elevators promoting their presence on Facebook and Twitter. The sign was very noticeable because of those ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter logos/colors!

#15. Add a Link on Your Personal Profile

If you’d like to promote your fan page to your Facebook friends, just under your photo on your personal profile there is a section to write something about yourself. I call this the “mini bio” field and strongly suggest adding a link to your fan page like so:
Be sure to format the URL with http:// otherwise it will not be clickable with just the www’s. You have a limited amount of characters, so keep it succinct and leave out the www’s. You can put in hard line breaks though to make the content easier to read.

#16: Add a Badge/Button to Your Profile

Using an app like Profile HTML or Extended Info, you can create your own custom HTML, including a Facebook badge and/or graphic embedded, as shown in the screenshot below:

#17: Use the Share Button

The Share button is all over Facebook and is a very handy feature. It only works for sharing on your personal profile. So periodically go to your fan page, scroll toward the bottom left column and click the “Share+” button. Add a compelling comment along the lines of exciting news, recent changes, special incentives, etc., happening on your fan page and invite your friends to join if they haven’t already. I find the Share button far more effective than the Suggest to Friends approach. (And, if you’d like to Share content from the web on to your fan page vs. profile, I highly recommend using theHootlet bookmarklet tool at

#18: Use the @ Tag

As long as you’re a fan of your own fan page, you can “@ tag” it on your own personal profile wall. From time to time, you can let your friends know about something happening on your fan page by writing a personal status update that includes tagging your fan page with an @ tag. Simply start typing the “@” symbol and the first few letters of your fan page name (this works whether you have your user name registered or not), and it will appear from a drop-down menu to select. This then makes it a nice, subtle hyperlink that your friends can choose to click on.

#19: Autograph Posts on Other Walls

A subtle way to gain more visibility for your fan page is to add an @ tag for your fan page when writing on your friends’ walls as a way to sign off.
I would use this one sparingly and, again, monitor the response from your friends. I have never been a fan of adding a signature block on Facebook wall posts because our name and profile picture thumbnail are always hyperlinked right back to our profile anyway. But the simple @ tag could be effective.

#20: Autograph Other Fan Pages

As with adding your fan page @ tag to posts you make on your friends’ walls, you could equally use the same technique when posting on other fan pages. This needs to be used with discretion and I would advise against doing this on any potentially competing fan page!

#21: Maybe Use “Suggest To Friends”

I won’t rule this one out completely as it does depend on how many friends you have, your relationship with your friends, how often you suggest fan pages/friends to your friends, etc (see ‘The Big Myth’ above). But I do recommend monitoring the response to this technique – perhaps simply by asking for feedback in your status update.
So, these are just 21 ways to create strategic visibility and promote your Facebook fan page.


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Get Quick Rankings in Search Engines for Your Website

  1. Get your site contents written by a professional content writer, who also has vast experience on SEO Article Writing.
  2. Avoid Duplicate Contents or Duplicate URLs.
  3. The URLs of your page should look nice to the search engines. For example, is called a nice URL and is called an ugly URL.
  4. All of your site pages and your site frontpage should have a valid meta description and few meta keywords also.
  5. Meta Description should be as short as possible, but should contain your main target keywords and should be in the form of a sentence.
  6. Avoid punctuation marks in meta description.
  7. Avoid placing long keywords in Meta keywords.  For example, JOOMLA SERVICES is perfect, but PROFESSIONAL JOOMLA SERVICES is not a good keyword. Search engines hate long keywords.
  8. Page title of your webpage is another important factor . Always keep it short and avoid using signs and marks inside it. Just keep it to the point.
  9. You should have a valid sitemap , which should be readable by the search engine crawlers, because, that’s from where, the search engines pick your website pages.
  10. Robots.txt is also essential. Disallow all site folders or unnecessary page links from it, so you don’t get indexed on the search engines, with that filthy stuff.
  11. Submit your website to Google from here,
  12. Submit and verify your website at Google Webmaster Tools.
  13. Submit your site sitemap at Google Webmaster Tools and keep checking it after every 24 hours to see, if Google has accepted the Sitemap and the links of your website.
  14. If you are from US, then also submit your website to Bing and Yahoo and verify it with your website.
  15. Use Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc to get your website noticed by the world.
  16. Have an official Facebook Page and an official Twitter page also. Share your website and your stuff over there to drive more traffic. Remember, more traffic means, more conversions.
  17. Validate your site XHTML and CSS with the w3c validator.
  18. Test your website with ySlow and Google Page Speed and try to apply all the suggestions given by them. Try to have as low as possible grade at ySlow and have as much as possible Page Speed score.
  19. Keep the site fresh with regular new contents, so search engines consider it as a living website and not as a dead heaven.

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Slot Bonuses 2020

Slot Bonuses 2020

HoF slots can be played in your desktop or notebook by way of Windows or Mac, or you can play on the go, with our app available by way of iOS , Android , and Amazon Digital. Play your favourite free online slots at any time, from wherever.

Those of you looking for a enjoyable sport to play will take pleasure in this one – particularly if loud and vibrant slots are what you want. This slot machine is so stunning trying I assume it is one of many few video games on this listing that everybody ought to see.

Moreover, it will be possible to obtain giant rewards, because the gadget has enough payouts. Gambling while underneath the age of 18 is a felony offence. We take this very significantly, so to use this website and access the gambling websites that we’re selling, you should be aged 18 or over. The minimum deposit is less than that when depositing by card, and also you don’t want to fret about spending an excessive amount of, as we’ve a every day deposit restrict enabled on our web site.

If you need in-depth evaluations of the most effective actual money Casinos available in 2020, there are lots of websites you can seek the advice of. Different Slots come with different Return to Player numbers , and you need to make sure you know all the RTPs well enough all the time to choose the right slot machine. I assume Wolf Golf is a superb various for individuals who want to get out in the wild and take a look at a new game on the similar time. Although some players think about this a Wolf Run ripoff, I disagree.

Australia rapidly grows into a well-liked playing destination. More so, there has emerged a distinctive playing culture and specific Aussie slots known as pokies have gotten in style worldwide.

Free slots had been created as a consequence of a growing need of the market to play slots that do not require a deposit, and that can be performed just for enjoyable. Slot development companies had been fast to act and got here up with a brilliant concept — demo slots.

The firm has specialised in the improvement of reel-spinning games in a really decisive way, so the possibilities of not seeing some of their slots throughout UK online casinos, are very slim. Other companies which you may also come throughout are Playtech, NetEnt, IGT and more. Free demo slots are fun and straightforward to play, so the rules they come with aren’t that demanding.

You can, in fact, find live variations of the classic casino desk games, with Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat being in style selections. Think you possibly can play your cards right in blackjack or fancy taking the Lightning Roulette wheel out for a spin?

Another perk of this sort of slots is that you just often don’t need to register on a on line casino to play them. In most cases, you only want to select the slot, begin it, and spin it again and again. Free slots are played just for fun, and that’s their main function.

Volatility refers to how usually a slot can pay out and how big the payout could be. Low volatility slots give small, regular wins and high volatility slots give giant wins however not that usually. Medium volatility slots give a combination of small and large wins. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that grows every time somebody places a guess on the slot. All popular slot builders make most of their slots out there for free.

While there’s always even the slightest risk of losing when enjoying for actual cash, this could’t occur if you’re taking part in for free. Demo mode works in precisely the same method as real play, only you get a set amount of pretend credit to play with. There are no tips and no charges, just a great way to see, free of charge, how every on-line slots recreation performs earlier than you play for actual. You don’t have to simply take our word – demos should reflect real gameplay by UK legislation, and at Casino 2020, as we’re licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission we take equity very seriously. As a rule, free coins are credited to you as soon as you launch a quick hit slot.

New online slots are just a click away if you’re on SlotsCalendar as a result of we don’t have calendar in our name for no cause. Each software program supplier will try to innovate and produce something new and exciting to convince you to try their games. Because you get much more enjoyable and more probabilities of successful if you set off the bonus options. There’s the stacked wilds which are basically a wild symbol that may cowl a complete reel or more.

Furthermore, the slot machine doesn’t know whether it has a jackpot or not. It also has no memory, and therefore, does not understand how much the last payout was value. Therefore, don’t be misinformed that there is any means in which you’ll predict the following mixture.

Online slot guidelines are primarily the same, but every recreation might vary in construction. There may be completely different bonuses, added options, a unique pay-out construction or a change within the variety of paylines. It doesn’t matter if you want to play in the consolation of your personal home or on the go, we now have something to suit your wants.

Due to the popularity of these slots any on line casino price its salt shall be seeking to signal a deal with Big Time Gaming and their partners to make the games out there to their buyer base. Check out our full record of Big Time Gaming Casinos to find the newest slots websites providing Megaways™. Check out old classics like White Rabbit and Dragon Born, or feast on new titles including Buffalo Rising and Genie Jackpots. Our reviews tell you all you need to find out about each Megaways™ sport, together with RTP, variance and the all-important options like free spins and multipliers.

The value of the standalone progressive slot’s jackpot is calculated utilizing the percentages of the bets made on the sport by all customers. Online slots are like snowflakes in that no two are alike.

Big Time Gaming’s first Megaclusters™ recreation is coming to the BTG Casino community from June 2020. The first deposit provides are not obtainable to customers depositing utilizing Neteller or Skrill as a cost method. There is an opportunity you’ll not win any Bonus from the Box Boost recreation. Any gameplay on different games is not going to count in the direction of the wagering necessities. Thanks to quite a few bonuses, your Slotpark Dollar balance shall be replenished regularly.

As with all the others, you’ll be able to play at Heart of Vegas without downloading anything at their web site, or you possibly can obtain the appropriate app for Slotomania to your Android or Apple cellular system. Heart of Vegas additionally features a Player’s World loyalty program, which options cashback and other rewards, all primarily based in your tier stage . Here are the five best free slot apps I’ve tried that give you more than your money’s value. Once you perceive that, you’ll be able to proceed to enjoy the video games.

It’s the generally accepted means of measuring how a recreation will carry out. For instance, if the RTP is ninety four% then the game is predicted to return 94p of each £1.00 staked over longer intervals of play. Be positive to check out our blog for all the necessity to know information about the mechanic and detailed evaluations about Rainbow Riches Megaways. Slots volatility describes the behaviour of the slot game. There are different types of volatility similar to low, medium and high.

However, since May 2019 new regulations within the UK require gamers to confirm that they are over 18 earlier than playing free versions of any on line casino sport. This process is a part of the registration at any licensed-on line casino and can take simply seconds to complete.

More related to you fit players out there’s the fact that welcome packages usually have free spins added onto money bonuses or supplied as an alternative. For these, you will normally be given numerous spins on chosen games, with no obligations.

Our second slot is the Book of Dead slot which takes a conventional Egyptian slot and improves the graphics, gameplay and bonuses to make Book of Dead our hottest Egyptian themed slot. No, you don’t must obtain any special software to play slots for free. Just choose a casino, register, go to their slots library and choose the free demo slots you want to play. In all honesty, we have no idea, however what we know is that there are thousands and thousands of various free slots to play for fun. Most of the top slots by the most effective software suppliers can be found to play for free on both your desktop and cellular.

If you have an interest in the demo play, that is out there right from the lobby . Just bear in mind you could’t win actual money online in free play mode. This fun-tastic 3D slot machine sport is available at the place – surprise! – you might be welcomed with a huge bonus as quickly as you sign up for a free gaming account. It’s obtainable in freeplay and for actual cash – and when you continue studying you will see how you could play to win real cash with no deposit wanted.

Be the first one to know when new EXCLUSIVE bonuses and games can be found. If the on line casino within the article just isn’t legal in your country, we offer you another choice to play the same game. The Return to Player is the proportion that signifies the payout fee of a game. All the games are on-line, and you’ll play out of your browser. For more detailed info on this subject, you can read this information to wagering necessities and the methods these have an effect on actual cash Casino play online.

After the change is made, the machine should be locked to new players for four minutes and display an on-display screen message informing potential gamers that a change is being made. It is necessary that the machine contains a high-quality RNG implementation. Because all PRNGs must ultimately repeat their number sequence and, if the period is brief or the PRNG is in any other case flawed, a complicated participant may be able to “predict” the subsequent outcome.

The moment you press the beginning button on a 3-reel slot recreation, for example, three numbers are recorded from the RNG . It additionally powers games distributed by other interactive gaming corporations. You will usually find this data within the paytable too. The RTP provides you an concept of how much is paid out to the players over the long term. When selecting free slots, first take a look at the paytable to see how generous the payouts are.

This contains, for brand new Players, the Introductory Free Spins, Deposit Activated Free Spins and the Deposit Match Bonus. Opposite to Min Bet, the Max Bet refers back to the most attainable quantity that can be wagered in one sport round. The Max Bet worth also depends on the slot sport you might be taking part in. The main cause to play with the max wager is entry to some extra payouts and rewards that are usually offered in trendy slot video games.

The gamblers around the globe have spoken and labeled these ones one of the best games of their style. The new players should not miss on these masterful video games.

Combining basic fruit machine vibes with fashionable video slot extras, Cherry Trio is an online Casino game that appeals to new and old gamers alike. There aren’t many GOOD Slots dedicated to the world of historical Rome. If you are looking for on-line video games to win actual money the place you should battle to survive – this is a wonderful Slot for you. Like most Playtech video games, this free and actual money Slot machine is available at some of the greatest on-line Casinos.

It does not matter what game you choose, all of them work in similar methods, providing you with one more advantage as you get acquainted with the betting interface. In recent years, the NetEnt branded casino slots choice has grown drastically to include extra of these extremely in style slots. We have even won Casino Product of the Year 2019 by Global Gaming Awards London for his or her unmatched design within the Jumanji on-line slot. We purpose to impress with a spread of alternatives that deliver excellent graphics and features. Even the classic games include one thing unique, setting it apart from the traditional games while still providing the extremely excessive payouts with low betting values.

They supply a superb stability between commonplace rewards and bonus features, permitting you to reap the benefits of glorious rewards, no matter what comes around in the game. Twin Spin is a great example of the distinctive options as NetEnt retains the basic contact but features a Twin Spin characteristic to compliment the sport. At the beginning of every spin, no less than two consecutive reels hyperlink up to present the very same symbols.

Cherries, bells, watermelons, sevens, lemons and Bar symbols alternate on 5 reels to help you hit a winning combination in one of many ten paylines included within the sport. The Yoyo Wild Slot machine is available at BGO Casino, the place you would play it for free with one of their welcome bonuses. Find three Scattered Feature YoYo symbols on any spin, and you will unlock the Bonus Feature.

If you might be utilizing a cellular system, you will not have to put in something, as Flash participant is not available for cellular units at all. Most games in our database are created using cellular-friendly HTML5 know-how, which permits the video games to be played mainly on any gadget with a modern browser, including cellphones and tablets. If you wish to just be sure you are shopping just cellular-pleasant video games, use the ‘Mobile Devices Supported’ filter within the Casino Guru free video games section. Some casinos are a lot better than others, which is exactly why we spend lots of occasions creating and nice-tuning our casino evaluations to give you all the related information you need. You wish to discover a respected casino that may truly pay out your winnings should you handle to make a profit, proper?

🔥 In addition to new premium slot machines each week, there are numerous more superior actions waiting for you to challenge. If you are new to the world of on-line casinos, learn the How to begin guide and my detailed directions on How to decide on an internet on line casino. I consider this info will allow you to make a great decision. Playtech – The collection “Age of Gods” represents the most well-liked slots by Playtech. Feel free to attempt them out, in addition to other Playtech slots utilizing our free play function.

Once you’ve put together a small listing of essentially the most enjoyable slot you skilled playing or free you’ll be able to then set about enjoying them for real money. However, there are some extra benefits of enjoying free slots that we’d now like to elucidate and move onto you.

If you want to know extra about slots, the SFSG Team are here to assist. Just check out our helpful tips beneath to get you started. Watch out for our no wagering offers too, which let you maintain what you win on all or a part of the supply. With tickets beginning at just 10p, prizetastic prize draws, and a bustling cell bingo group, there’s by no means been a better time to fall in love with Mr Spin Bingo.

Come on into The Phone Casino, the UK cell casino built for you. Spin the slot reels on the brand new Monopoly, or Bonanza on-line slots. Our gem-themed bingo rooms are full of pleasant players and there’s extra to do right here than simply play bingo!

Mechanical slot machines and their coin acceptors had been sometimes vulnerable to dishonest gadgets and other scams. One historical example concerned spinning a coin with a brief length of plastic wire. The weight and dimension of the coin can be accepted by the machine and credits would be granted. However, the spin created by the plastic wire would trigger the coin to exit by way of the reject chute into the payout tray. This explicit scam has become obsolete as a result of enhancements in newer slot machines.

SlotsUp is the next era gaming web site with free on line casino video games aimed to supply the review on all online slots. Our initially objective is to continuously replace the slot machines demo assortment, categorizing them primarily based on casino software program and options like Bonus Rounds or Free Spins.

Heart Bingo offers a comprehensive slots vary, with more than a hundred titles presently out there to play on-site. With new slot games added each week, we are sure to have loads of video games to suit each sort of slots player. The top multi-line online slots have more than ten paylines to aim for.

There are over 7780 free on-line slots to play from the world’s greatest software program suppliers. A few of the preferred free slot games today embody theThunderstruck II slot machine by Microgaming, Barcrest’s Rainbow Riches, and Hall of Gods by NetEnt. Having your own guidelines, tailored to your preferences, will make sure that you gained’t waste money on free slot machines you don’t really wish to play.

For those that want to play for real money, an prompt play is simply available after creating an account. Here on our website you can play for free with no obtain wanted – only for enjoyable or in on-line casinos – there you’ll be able to play for real cash. To get the welcome bonus you need to play in on-line casinos provided on our website – they’re accepting the most well-liked fee methods like Paypal, Neteller and Skrill. Aristocrat slot machine developer is the second one who provides the free on-line slots with jackpots – it’s one of the largest slot providers in the world identified for Buffalo slot . Many of our top slots can be found in free play mode, which suggests you possibly can test out the software without risking your bankroll.

A theoretical maintain worksheet is a doc provided by the manufacturer for every slot machine that indicates the theoretical share the machine ought to maintain primarily based on the quantity paid in. The worksheet additionally signifies the reel strip settings, number of cash that could be played, the payout schedule, the number of reels and other information descriptive of the particular type of slot machine. Short pay refers to a partial payout made by a slot machine, which is less than the quantity due to the player. This happens if the coin hopper has been depleted on account of making earlier payouts to players. The remaining amount as a result of participant is either paid as a hand pay or an attendant will come and refill the machine.

Thor and the Nordic race could also be an historic example of our history however their payment and security procedures are nothing but progressive. Symbols – Free slots in 2020 tend to supply many more symbols than classic slots, which also have higher graphics than basic slots.

This represents the overall return to participant when it comes to wins. The RTP doesn’t represent your particular person participant potential nevertheless it’s extra of an overall return for the lifetime of the game across all bets from all gamers. In general, a ninety eight% RTP sport is extra likely to payout than a decrease ninety% RTP recreation. Here at Star Slots the safety of our gamers is paramount to making a welcoming and enjoyable gaming surroundings for our member and is one thing that we take significantly.

Most of the builders mentioned above are headquartered in Britain, which signifies that most video games come from the UK. WMS– an enormous European developer who goals at the best software within the enterprise with games like Bier Haus. If there isn’t any sound or slot machine doesn’t work please, go to our contact web page and write us brief letter – we’ll resolve you concern ASAP. We are getting ready the guide to make you know all guides on the way to play and the way to win.

You also can play the X of Y bonus slots recreation at several levels. You have to complete every degree successfully earlier than you can play the next one. The X of Y bonus slots are rewards that you can get by attaining a certain number of explicit symbols on the reels. Fortunately for you, there are a wide range of slot games available including video slots, bonus slots, progressive jackpot slots, and 3-reel slots, simply to call but a number of.

Winnings paid as bonus credit score with 20x wagering requirement. There are so some ways to win if you play here at our mobile bingo on line casino! Not solely are there prizes for one line, two lines and that every one important Full House, there’s additionally a progressive Jackpot in every of our bingo rooms!

Fluffy Favourites is a video slot made by in style developers, Eyecon Gaming. This recreation options cuddly animals in a pleasant fairground theme/style. While wild symbols have to be on a winning payline, scatter symbols can seem anywhere on the reels and still result in winnings. Swing the slot vines as you come closer and nearer to winning the progressive jackpot.

Watch how a yo-yo trick is played out to create a sample over the reels. This actual cash slot comes with five reels, 25 paylines, and colourful retro background. Prepare to really feel a pang of nostalgia as you play Yoyos Wild, a web-based slot game based on everyone’s favorite toy. Collapsing wheels, Free Games, and an at all times-energetic Wave-o-Meter will make you’re keen on this 40-payline video slot out there in free and actual money play. This stunning on-line slot by QuickSpin supplies you with forty paylines of exciting gameplay throughout 5 reels.

Also, at all times read the phrases and conditions of every bonus. You would possibly play to win real cash online, but you must know that this can be a very troublesome goal to achieve. Especially when you don’t calculate the influence of a bonus’ terms and situations. This article lists all the most effective free slots that pay real cash that you can play on-line in 2020.

When you’ve met your Bonus Credit Wagering Requirement, any remaining Bonus Credit might be transferred as winnings to your Cashable Credit account. Sign up and obtain one of our titles for free at present – or play on-line – from as little as 1p a spin.

Although the variety of symbols finally elevated to about 22, permitting 10,648 mixtures, this still limited jackpot sizes in addition to the number of possible outcomes. A hand pay refers to a payout made by an attendant or at an change point (“cage”), rather than by the slot machine itself. A hand pay happens when the quantity of the payout exceeds the utmost amount that was preset by the slot machine’s operator.

Triggers are frequent and massive wins can come out of nowhere with the base sport. Star Clusters Megaclusters™ is really magnificent and testament to the fact that imagination has no bounds!

Those of you loyal topics with an Android device can find our incredible on line casino app on the Google Play retailer. Download right here and play the greatest online slots within the land.

Welcome presents can’t be mixed with other new player presents which are unlocked following a buyer’s first deposit, except otherwise said. You could only receive one promotion referring to your first deposit. You might withdraw your winnings from money wagers and cash stability at any time without restriction, besides the place essential to comply with any basic regulatory obligations. If you withdraw cash steadiness earlier than you have accomplished the wagering requirements, any remaining Bonus or Bonus pending winnings might be forfeited.

You’ll at all times feel like a lord or a woman at our online casino, and that is simply how we like it. Whether you’re right here for the slots or the bingo you may all the time discover one thing to maintain you entertained. Furthermore, in accordance with our Safer Gambling Policy, you’ll be able to set deposit limits any time you want. We know our loyal topics are at all times on the go, however you possibly can rejoice as you can play our very good online slots in the palm of your hand.

It is essential to note that the slot game doesn’t have a reminiscence. Neither the random quantity generator nor any other part of the slot sport is aware of whether you could have gained big or misplaced big. 1xbit1 It is rarely aware of whether or not you could have stayed all day and not using a single win or whether or not you just hit a jackpot. International Game Technology, also known as IGT, is likely one of the largest on line casino slot producers and distributors in the world. The company is based in Nevada and is a subsidiary of GTECH, a significant lottery supplier.

In 2020, only a handful of states supply regulated casino betting and slots. However, extra states are introducing their very own laws and gaming legal guidelines.

On mechanical slot machines, this is normally a seven-section display, but video slot machines usually use stylized text that suits the game’s theme and consumer interface. A row of “Wheel of Fortune” slot machines in a on line casino in Las Vegas. This specific slot machine is themed to the TV sport present Wheel of Fortune. The first American video slot machine to supply a “second display screen” bonus round was Reel ’Em In, developed by WMS Industries in 1996.

We made it extremely simple to find a particular slot with a bunch of progressive filters positioned above the sport section. When you open a slot sport, you will also find a complete review of the slot which includes the theme, software program developer, paylines, reel structure, and more. Wild symbols fill an analogous position because the joker in a deck of cards. These special symbols can take the roll of any symbol that you may be missing on the payline.

It is sweet to always remember that it’s a random number generator system that determines what symbols the reels land on. It is this similar system that, if you are lucky, will create a combination of winning numbers on any given spin.

Once downloaded, these apps comprise all of the out there games in a mobile format. They are great for getting a really feel of the different layouts and gameplay. Make a deposit and select the ‘Real Money’ choice subsequent to the sport in the on line casino foyer.

The ultimate assortment of slots from one of the best casinos, each cell slots and desktop slots both within the one app. Take a spin of one of our on-line slots to see what all the fuss is about. Our distinctive slots games are designed and inbuilt-home which implies you received’t discover them elsewhere! The only place you’ll be able to play our games is correct here, at mFortune Casino.

This might be top-of-the-line sport for ladies on this record and in addition one of the nicest discovers I made prior to now weeks. But the graphics are great, the soundtrack is thrilling, and the gameplay is really immersive. From the Mona Lisa to the Holy Grails, here you discover all of the symbols that you just’d anticipate from an esoteric Slot of this sort.

Click and Pick are granted inside Free Spins and Bonus Rounds and can convey gamers an immediate prize, the place gamers click on on a particular picture to gather a thriller current. Multipliers are symbols multiplying the successful sum for a certain number.

Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO, and dozens of others offer free slots, and one of the best ones are situated on this web page. Just choose the one on the listing that you just like essentially the most, click Spin, and enjoy. However, some older versions could require downloading earlier than you’ll be able to play them.

Playing slots on cell gadgets is not new, but the expertise of taking part in on the go has been improving for the final couple of years. Not solely are you able to now play varied video slots on small screens however you also don’t have to worry about your battery life anymore, as slots nowadays use energy-saving tech together with other thrilling mechanisms. In the last couple of years, the technology used for making slots has been rapidly making progress. The people who make slots are normally the first ones to adopt technological innovations and apply them to video slots and different on line casino games.

If you’re on the lookout for one of the best free play slots for UK players, you’ve come to the right place. Some game providers enable casinos to select from a number of variations of the identical game, every with a unique RTP.

NetEnt – Play NetEnt slots at no cost and try the demo mode of extraordinarily popular games like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest or Jack and the Beanstalk. Many of NetEnt video games use HTML5, which implies they can be performed on cellular units as properly.

One of the various features setting NetEnt apart from the remaining is the distinctive design and features with every single slot we launch. Unlike most, our new releases embody a minimum of one unique bonus characteristic to set the sport apart from the rest. This may include a random bonus, a special free spins characteristic or even a wholly new progressive jackpot bonus recreation. Most online game developers focus on online slots but not all of them handle to stack up in high quality quite as well as the award-successful NetEnt library.

This is a great game to journey in time and discover what on-line Slots used to be earlier than the online Casino growth. Like it was once during the good old occasions of video Slots, you’ll be able to customise your bets choosing what number of cash you need to play on every spin, the coin value, and the paylines you need to keep energetic. This political Slots sport might be the most effective on-line Slots to play in 2020.

You can play free slots 24/7 to your coronary heart’s content material, without ever being quietly ushered out into the night. Massive Games Selection Without the constraints of house, online operators can provide an infinite selection of on line casino slots – including the chance to try them out free of charge. The main standards of selecting these operators had been based mainly on the standard and quantity of free online slots with their solely difference being that they don’t require any funds. However, if you’re thinking about other features, head over to our record of the best slot websites within the UK. We offer a number of methods in which you’ll be able to deposit corresponding to Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron and Mastercard with no fees attached.

C54266, with registered workplace at Villa Seminia, eight, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1011, Malta. Online playing is regulated inMaltaby the Malta Gaming Authority.

Enjoy basic three-reel slots with a single payline or choose the latest video slots that provide you with lots of of how to win on each spin. Free spins are spins of the reels that you need to use with out having to pay. Many slots have a free spins round you get to play every time sufficient scatter symbols land.

Even with all the extra competition from new game developers, we manage to remain on the prime. Even our latest awards reflect simply how committed the event group is to create probably the most superior and entertaining opportunities for online slots. In 2019, NetEnt received Casino Platform of the Year, Casino Product of the Year, Mobile Product of the year and North America Platform of the 12 months. Another level to think about is that maybe generally you just wish to have plenty of fun with out investing in it, just spinning to take pleasure in yourself. And so, for that cause, you don’t essentially want to play for actual, you favor enjoying it at no cost.

When you obtain a recreation with a free bonus hooked up, the bonus could be claimed only once. There shall be no bonuses for subsequent downloads of the identical sport by you.

In sure jurisdictions, such as New Jersey, the EPROM has a tamper-evident seal and might only be modified within the presence of Gaming Control Board officials. Other jurisdictions, including Nevada, randomly audit slot machines to make sure that they comprise only approved software. A slot machine’s theoretical payout share is about at the manufacturing unit when the software is written. Tilt is a time period derived from electromechanical slot machines’ “tilt switches”, which might make or break a circuit after they have been tilted or in any other case tampered with that triggered an alarm.

Once you’ve placed your bet, spin the reels and if enough matching symbols land in the proper place, you’ll get paid. You could even trigger a bonus feature that can provide you extra possibilities of profitable. While these slots are very eye-catching thanks to their graphics, they also come with enough special options to make them worth playing.

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Top 10 Worst SEO Tactics

Top10 worst search engine optimization tactics

#1: Doorway Pages (aka Gateway Pages, Leader Pages, etc.)
Definition: Create multiple web pages that are devoid of useful content but heavily optimized for search engine rankings. Each page is optimized for a variation of a keyword phrase or for completely different keyword targets. The essence of this concept was to fool the search engines into thinking that these pages were highly relevant and provide top rankings for them under their targeted phrase. When a surfer stumbled on the page they were often shown a “Click Here to Visit Joe’s Pizza” link that the surfer had to click on to actually arrive at the legitimate website.

Once among the most popular methods of attaining multiple search engine placements, doorway pages were widely used until 2000 by many webmasters. Since then, Doorway pages have become the most obvious form of Spam that a search engine can find and the repercussions are dire if such a tactic is employed. Unfortunately, I have seen many sites still employing this tactic and occasionally we even get calls from potential customers wondering why they have dropped off the search engines for using this technique. We also continue to receive requests to perform this tactic on a daily basis.

#2: Invisible Text
Definition: Invisible text is implemented in a variety of ways in an effort to increase the frequency of keywords in the body text of a web page. Some of the implementation methods are: making text the same color as the background of the web page, hiding text behind layers, placing text at the very bottom of over-sized pages, etc.

This tactic is perilously old and obvious to search engine spiders. It constantly amazes me when a web site utilizes these methods for placement. Invariably, placements are the last thing that a webmaster will get when using this tactic. Invisible text had its heyday from 1995 to 1999. This not to say that invisible text didn’t work after 1999 but the majority of web sites were not using it by this time as the search engines began implementing automated methods of detection and penalization.

#3: Content Misrepresentation
Definition: Misleading search engines into believing your webpage is about topic ‘A’ when it is in fact about ‘B’. This tactic was used primarily for the promotion of adult, gambling, and other extremely competitive search markets.Unfortunately this tactic is still in use; you likely find one or two every time you search! The fact is that this tactic is the simplest for a search engine to identify and the result will be swift and complete; banishment from the search engine index indefinitely. The worst offense in the realm of the search engines is to try to fool them.

#4: Redirects
Definition: Redirects have some innocent uses (practical, legal, etc.) but they are also used nefariously to mislead search engines by making them believe that the page they have indexed is about ‘A’. When a surfer visits the page, however, they are redirected to an entirely different site about ‘B’. 

In most cases search engines have advanced enough to see this technique a mile away. In fact they usually ignore any page with a redirect (assuming correctly that the content is useless) while spidering the redirect destination. Redirects, unless blatantly Spam-related do not directly result in intentional ranking penalties, however, they have no positive effect either.

#5: Heading Tag Duplication
Definition: Heading Tags, by definition, were created to highlight page headings in order of importance. Thus the Heading Tags that are available: H1, H2, H3, etc. This duplication technique involves implementing more than one H1 tag into a webpage in order to enhance a particular keyword or phrase.This tactic is still very prevalent and likely still works on some search engines; however, none of the major search engines will respond well to this technique as it has been identified as a common manipulation.

#6: Alt Tag Stuffing
Definition: Alt Tag stuffing is the act of adding unnecessary or repetitive keywords into the Alt Tag (or alternative tag – shown by words that appear when you hover over an image with you mouse pointer). The Alt Tag is meant to be a textual description of the image it is attached to. There is nothing wrong with tailoring the Alt tag to meet your keyword goals IF the tag is still understandable and if the change still appropriately describes the image. The offense occurs when an Alt tag has obvious keyword repetition/filler which a search engine can key in on as Spam.

#7: Comment Tag Stuffing
Definition: Comment Tags are used to include useful design comments in the background source code (html) when creating a webpage. These are suppose to be used only for adding technical instructions or reminders; however, in times past these tags were used to artificially increase the keyword count for targeted phrases. 

At one time there was some argument that this technique worked, but it has always been a “Black Hat” SEO technique which even then could result in placement penalties. Nowadays this technique will not help an SEO campaign, if anything it will be ignored or produce a negative result.

#8: Over Reliance on Meta Tags
Definition: Meta Tags is a broad term for descriptive tags that appear in the <Head></Head> of most webpages and are used to provide search engines with a concept of the page topic. The most common tags are the description and keyword tags. At one time, extinct search engines such as Infoseek relied a great deal on Meta Tags and many took advantage of this factor to manipulate rankings with relative ease. In today’s far more advanced climate the search engines place cautious weight on Meta Tags and when considering rankings Metas play only a fractional role. Some webmasters still consider Meta Tags the ‘end-all and be-all’ of ranking producers and forget to optimize the rest of their webpage for the search engines. With this line of thinking they miss that the search engines place far more importance on the body text (or visible text) of the webpage. This is a critical error that will ultimately lead to low or insignificant rankings. 

Note: An extremely common example of Meta Tag over-reliance are web sites that have been designed 

totally graphically and are devoid (or nearly so) of html text that a search engine can read. A webpage such as this will have no body text to index and may only provide a small amount of relevance to the webpage which ultimately leads to poor rankings. Over reliance on Meta Tags does not produce intentional search engine penalties, however, the simple act of ignoring other ranking principles often means a lower ranking. 

#9: Duplicate Content
Definition: This tactic is blatant Spam that is very common today. Essentially the webmaster will create a web site and then create duplicates of each page and optimize them differently in order to obtain varying placements. By doing this you are saturating the search engine databases with content that is essentially eating valuable bandwidth and hard drive space.

Duplicate content is a dangerous game often played by full-time marketers accustomed to trying to attain placements in aggressive markets. Avoid this tactic like the plague unless you are willing to sustain serious ranking damages if you get caught – which you likely will.

#10: Automatic Submission and Page Creation
– Automatic Submission is the use of automated software to submit a website to the search engines automatically and often repeatedly. 
– Automatic Page Creation is using software to create pages ‘on the fly’ using predefined content (body text, keywords, images etc) to create “optimized” webpages to target specific keyword rankings on the search engines.

At StepForth the word ‘automated’ is an abomination when used in reference to SEO. The fact is that automated SEO campaigns are not as effective as manual (by hand) optimization techniques AND such techniques often require the use of doorway pages to lead search engine users to polished marketing pages at the true destination page. In this case this is a double-offense by using the banned doorway page technique. My strong prejudices aside, lets take a short logical look at both tactics noted here:

a) Automatic Submission
Search engines make the majority of their profit from surfers like you viewing their advertising. Do you think that allowing automated submission tools to submit a web site (which bypasses SE advertisements) is in the search engines best interest? No, in fact the submission companies have had to upgrade their software repeatedly to try and subvert the search engines’ latest effort to stop their programs. There are also concerns about bandwidth because automated tools have been known to repeatedly submit sites and sometimes each individual page within a site.

All-in-all, this leaves the submitter in an unstable position where they may or may not have their submission ignored. This is not even considering the fact that automated tools claim to submit a website once a day or a week or a month! The cardinal rule of search engines… submit ONCE and it may take a while but the site will get spidered at some point (up to 2 or 3 months later – max). If within a few months a site is not listed, then resubmit. If a search engine is submitted to too often that it is Spam and frankly the website being submitted will not fair well. As for the major engines like Google… be patient and definitely don’t submit more than once if you can help it.

b) Automatic Page Creation
If a page is automatically created will it have the kind of quality content that search engines require for their index? Also, if the page is automatically created, will it not be using repetitive content? There may be a few incidences where there are some variable answers to these questions, however, I imagine the answer will be ‘No’ 99% of the time which instantly illustrates a poor and dangerous search engine optimization technique.

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Google PageRank Algorithm

The original PageRank algorithm was described by Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin in several publications. It is given by

PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))

PR(A) is the PageRank of page A,
PR(Ti) is the PageRank of pages Ti which link to page A,
C(Ti) is the number of outbound links on page Ti and
d is a damping factor which can be set between 0 and 1.
So, first of all, we see that PageRank does not rank web sites as a whole, but is determined for each page individually. Further, the PageRank of page A is recursively defined by the PageRanks of those pages which link to page A.
The PageRank of pages Ti which link to page A does not influence the PageRank of page A uniformly. Within the PageRank algorithm, the PageRank of a page T is always weighted by the number of outbound links C(T) on page T. This means that the more outbound links a page T has, the less will page A benefit from a link to it on page T.
The weighted PageRank of pages Ti is then added up. The outcome of this is that an additional inbound link for page A will always increase page A’s PageRank.
Finally, the sum of the weighted PageRanks of all pages Ti is multiplied with a damping factor d which can be set between 0 and 1. Thereby, the extend of PageRank benefit for a page by another page linking to it is reduced.
The Random Surfer Model
In their publications, Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin give a very simple intuitive justification for the PageRank algorithm. They consider PageRank as a model of user behaviour, where a surfer clicks on links at random with no regard towards content.
The random surfer visits a web page with a certain probability which derives from the page’s PageRank. The probability that the random surfer clicks on one link is solely given by the number of links on that page. This is why one page’s PageRank is not completely passed on to a page it links to, but is devided by the number of links on the page.
So, the probability for the random surfer reaching one page is the sum of probabilities for the random surfer following links to this page. Now, this probability is reduced by the damping factor d. The justification within the Random Surfer Model, therefore, is that the surfer does not click on an infinite number of links, but gets bored sometimes and jumps to another page at random.
The probability for the random surfer not stopping to click on links is given by the damping factor d, which is, depending on the degree of probability therefore, set between 0 and 1. The higher d is, the more likely will the random surfer keep clicking links. Since the surfer jumps to another page at random after he stopped clicking links, the probability therefore is implemented as a constant (1-d) into the algorithm. Regardless of inbound links, the probability for the random surfer jumping to a page is always (1-d), so a page has always a minimum PageRank.
A Different Notation of the PageRank Algorithm
Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin have published two different versions of their PageRank algorithm in different papers. In the second version of the algorithm, the PageRank of page A is given as
PR(A) = (1-d) / N + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))
where N is the total number of all pages on the web. The second version of the algorithm, indeed, does not differ fundamentally from the first one. Regarding the Random Surfer Model, the second version’s PageRank of a page is the actual probability for a surfer reaching that page after clicking on many links. The PageRanks then form a probability distribution over web pages, so the sum of all pages’ PageRanks will be one.
Contrary, in the first version of the algorithm the probability for the random surfer reaching a page is weighted by the total number of web pages. So, in this version PageRank is an expected value for the random surfer visiting a page, when he restarts this procedure as often as the web has pages. If the web had 100 pages and a page had a PageRank value of 2, the random surfer would reach that page in an average twice if he restarts 100 times.
As mentioned above, the two versions of the algorithm do not differ fundamentally from each other. A PageRank which has been calculated by using the second version of the algorithm has to be multiplied by the total number of web pages to get the according PageRank that would have been caculated by using the first version. Even Page and Brin mixed up the two algorithm versions in their most popular paper “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine”, where they claim the first version of the algorithm to form a probability distribution over web pages with the sum of all pages’ PageRanks being one.
In the following, we will use the first version of the algorithm. The reason is that PageRank calculations by means of this algorithm are easier to compute, because we can disregard the total number of web pages.
The Characteristics of PageRank
The characteristics of PageRank shall be illustrated by a small example.
We regard a small web consisting of three pages A, B and C, whereby page A links to the pages B and C, page B links to page C and page C links to page A. According to Page and Brin, the damping factor d is usually set to 0.85, but to keep the calculation simple we set it to 0.5. The exact value of the damping factor d admittedly has effects on PageRank, but it does not influence the fundamental principles of PageRank. So, we get the following equations for the PageRank calculation:

PR(A) = 0.5 + 0.5 PR(C)
PR(B) = 0.5 + 0.5 (PR(A) / 2)
PR(C) = 0.5 + 0.5 (PR(A) / 2 + PR(B))
These equations can easily be solved. We get the following PageRank values for the single pages:
PR(A) = 14/13 = 1.07692308
PR(B) = 10/13 = 0.76923077
PR(C) = 15/13 = 1.15384615
It is obvious that the sum of all pages’ PageRanks is 3 and thus equals the total number of web pages. As shown above this is not a specific result for our simple example.
For our simple three-page example it is easy to solve the according equation system to determine PageRank values. In practice, the web consists of billions of documents and it is not possible to find a solution by inspection.
The Iterative Computation of PageRank
Because of the size of the actual web, the Google search engine uses an approximate, iterative computation of PageRank values. This means that each page is assigned an initial starting value and the PageRanks of all pages are then calculated in several computation circles based on the equations determined by the PageRank algorithm. The iterative calculation shall again be illustrated by our three-page example, whereby each page is assigned a starting PageRank value of 1.
Iteration PR(A) PR(B) PR(C)
0 1 1 1
1 1 0.75 1.125
2 1.0625 0.765625 1.1484375
3 1.07421875 0.76855469 1.15283203
4 1.07641602 0.76910400 1.15365601
5 1.07682800 0.76920700 1.15381050
6 1.07690525 0.76922631 1.15383947
7 1.07691973 0.76922993 1.15384490
8 1.07692245 0.76923061 1.15384592
9 1.07692296 0.76923074 1.15384611
10 1.07692305 0.76923076 1.15384615
11 1.07692307 0.76923077 1.15384615
12 1.07692308 0.76923077 1.15384615
We see that we get a good approximation of the real PageRank values after only a few iterations. According to publications of Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin, about 100 iterations are necessary to get a good approximation of the PageRank values of the whole web.
Also, by means of the iterative calculation, the sum of all pages’ PageRanks still converges to the total number of web pages. So the average PageRank of a web page is 1. The minimum PageRank of a page is given by (1-d). Therefore, there is a maximum PageRank for a page which is given by dN+(1-d), where N is total number of web pages. This maximum can theoretically occur, if all web pages solely link to one page, and this page also solely links to itself.

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