Remarketing / Retargeting Advertising Services

Global Digital Center apparatuses and optimizes online media campaigns using the latest targeting capabilities, including Retargeting, also known as remarketing. With these campaigns, we target users after they leave your website. Communications are customized based on which part of the site users visited, and whether or not they made a booking. Retargeting campaigns aid in increasing brand awareness and loyalty, and moving users through the purchase conversion funnel.

What is Re-Targeting Advertising?

• Track the precise point of action or content segment in your website’s user navigation
• Spreadover the users over the entire search networks or selected contextual channels
• Serve different messages to users provisional on their latest choices and navigation within your site

Advantages with Remarketing Advertising

Increase the conversion rate for specific actions, such as registrations downloads and actual sales
Maximize brand awareness and influence consumer buying traits
Detailed and de-duplicated Full Funnel Visibility across the campaign
Benefit from competitive rates and gain overall better ROI

Global Digital Center Retargeting advertising services include:

Analyzing specific sections of the site to retarget
Creation of custom messages
Recommendation for Retargeting network or publisher
Implementation & Optimizations of campaigns
Building customized creative(s)
Quality assurance and testing of creative and subject lines
Budgeting and campaign set up and management
Providing tracking and reporting
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